Episode Uploads in Progress!

As promised, episode uploads have begun on the Winx Club Compendium! Head over to the Episodes page to check them out.

The pages have been neatly categorised into subpages and other sections for ease of navigation. There really isn’t much up at the moment, but we will be uploading content regularly. Over time, the plan is to turn this into a resource base for Winx Club content that’s accessible to everyone.

We’re going to need help with that goal, of course, and when we do, we’ll definitely ask the lovely community of Winx Club fans. *fistbumps all around*

Updates on this blog will be quite sporadic. We’ll only be posting here when we start a new set of content uploads or finish one that’s in progress.

Feel free to check out Magia di Winx for more regular updates on what we’re doing and some Winx news every now and then!

And that’s all. Enjoy the content, but please share and use this website wisely. If you like Winx Club, please support the show by watching it on the TV wherever you are, or by buying some merchandise.

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